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NC should roll back its decision to support Karki: Leader Thapa

  • Posted: Tuesday, May 07, 2013 15:46 PM ( 12 months ago )

KATHMANDU, MAY 7 - Central Committee member of Nepali Congress (NC) Gagan Thapa has suggested his party to roll back its support to recommend Lok Man Singh Karki as the chief of Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

Leader Thapa said that the NC should save its image by not supporting the decision of the government to make Karki as the head of the CIAA.

Speaking at a press conference organized by Press Union, Dang, on Tuesday, he said the appointment of Karki is unconstitutional and morally inappropriate and, thus, NC should roll back the decision.

“At a time when the interim government has been saying to follow the decision made by the high-level political mechanism, the party should take back the support to appoint Karki as CIAA chief,” Thapa opined.  

He was of view that it is easier to take another decision as the NC itself is heading the mechanism. 

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